I’m Joe Laverick a British racing cyclist and writer who’s living in Girona. I’m in my early twenties and for the past five years have been chasing the pro dream racing all over Europe.

I suppose you’d currently class me as a “privateer”, although I have no clue what that really means either. I’m racing road, gravel and TT with the backing of my own partners. On this Substack, I give an unfiltered insight into what life is like "chasing the dream.” Whether it be trying to secure that contract, life living in Girona or balancing being a rider-writer, this blog has it all.

Please excuse any dodgy punctuation, I didn’t pay enough attention in English class.

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Ramblings from inside the cycling world, from a guy inside the cycling world.


Ex-pro roadie, now a privateer - I’m still trying to figure out what that means too. Writer. Born in England, spent a bit of time living in France and now in Catalunya. Probably younger than you think.